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Chinese for Beginners - Chinese Character Workbook

Chinese for Beginners - Chinese Character Workbook
Chinese for Beginners - Chinese Character Workbook
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Simplified Chinese. English and Pinyin comments. 280 pages. Published by BLCU (Beijing Language and Culture Univeristy) Press.

Introduction: This is a companion to the Modern Chinese - Chinese for Beginners. It consists of two parts, the first of which includes: Notes on Chinese characters, Table of new characters, Reading practice and Exercises and the second part deals with the writing of characters: tracing and copying. Here is a brief description of each section in the first part.

1. Notes on Chinese characters: Chinese characters constitue a major difficulty for foreigners in learning Chinese. In our opinion, the task of character teaching is none other than to provide learners with help to overcome this difficulty. To achieve this end, we should not only teach the learner how to imitate the strokes, but also help them know the structure and rules of writing. That is to say, the grasp characters on the basis of understanding. In this section, we have explained, after a brief introduction to characters in general, the way to write the strokes, the order of writing the strokes in a character, the different structures and the components of characters. In the later lessons, the way to consult a Chinese dictionary according to the strokes and Radicals.

It is our hope that this section will be of some help for the learner to master the writing rules and to recognize and read characters.

2. Table of new characters: In this section, each entry is given along with the order of strokes in writing them. The characters in this book are arranged with the principle that the single-component characters are taught before the compound ones. Some commonly used characters are taught in later stage only because they are complicated. Those which are both complicated and uncommonly used are not taught.

3. Reading practice: There are usually two subsections: 1) phrases and sentences illustrating the usage of some words and constructions, and 2) passages and stories.

4. Exercises; This section aims at helping the learner have a better command of the rules in writing characters, get more familiar with the different SIDES and discrimiate characters that are easily confused in form and those withthe same pronunciation.

Total of 55 lessons.

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